Real Carbon Fiber, Without The Carbon Fiber Cost: Fusion’s Carbon Fiber Overlay Service

Why Choose Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is one of the most sought after composite materials in the world, and for good reason. Carbon fiber is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also exceptionally strong yet incredibly lightweight. From wind turbines to high-performance automobiles and aerospace to the medical field, carbon fiber has become an increasingly popular material in dozens of industries due to its many benefits and advantages.

The problem for many of us? Cost. 

Fusion’s solution? Convert your part to carbon, rather than replace it entirely!

Carbon Fiber Cost

Carbon Fiber is expensive, but why? For starters, it’s man-made. Each of the several thousands of carbon fibers is a tenth of the width of a single strand of human hair which is then woven into a carbon fiber cloth material. Once woven, a resin is added to harden the carbon fiber weave. As such, the process of creating carbon fiber composite is complex and time-consuming. When it comes to car kits and parts, the cost of a single carbon fiber mold can be upwards to $10,000 and body kits exceeding $40,000. For most of us, carbon fiber is simply too expensive, but now there’s an alternative!

Carbon Fiber Overlay

Whether you’re looking for a full carbon kit, just your side skirts, or even smaller parts not generally found in real carbon fiber such as side mirrors, Fusion Motor Company has the best alternative: carbon fiber overlay. Our carbon fiber overlay is a cost-effective solution to achieving a real carbon fiber look for your OEM parts. 

Better Than “Carbon Fiber” Vinyl

Our carbon fiber overlay gives your car that real carbon fiber look and feel..because IT IS real carbon fiber! Why settle for “eBay carbon” or “carbon fiber” vinyl when you know it looks terrible because it yellows, fades, peels, and doesn’t last, or even worse it’s a measly sticker on your proud build.

Our state of the art carbon fiber manufacturing facility produces some of the finest carbon fiber composites in the world. Fusion’s carbon fiber overlay service allows you to get that real carbon fiber at a fraction of the price.

How Does Carbon Fiber Overlay Work?

If you’re local to Los Angeles, swing on over to our 72,000 square foot facility and speak to our team of professionals. If you’re not local to LA, that’s okay!—ship us any part you desire to be in carbon fiber and we’ll ship your part back to you covered in our real carbon fiber!

Our proprietary carbon fiber overlay service uses resin and epoxy to adhere to a true carbon fiber composite onto your part. Afterward, our team uses a cutting edge UV protective clear coat to give you that long-lasting carbon fiber look and feel.

The best part? No more worrying about fitment issues that happen far too often with eBay carbon or after-market fake carbon parts. You retain perfect factory fitment of your OEM parts, with zero reduction in quality.

Contact us today and see for yourself why car enthusiasts all over the country are coming to Fusion Motor Company for their carbon fiber overlays. 

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